Online Dating Course

Interested in dating coaching but not ready for one on one meetings? I’m offering an online course that walks you through all the steps that my clients go through with all the same resources and guidance.  This course contains online videos, weekly emails and step by step recommendations on my dating process.

This 4 week course will cover all of the most asked questions and dilemmas from clients. Some videos showcase mock dates and how-to’s of actual dating scenarios you will experience.

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More singles are online dating than ever before. The Internet is an amazing place to meet someone special. Few of us are gifted with the art of writing, especially when it comes to writing about ourselves. A dating profile needs to show a potential love match a lot about you.

With over 90% of communication being non-verbal, removing the ability to read body language, hear the voice and tone, and physically see someone makes it very difficult for a lot of us to receive AND send the right message.

It needs to cover the basics like:

  1. background
  2. career
  3. hobbies
  4. goals
  5. lifestyle preferences
  6. likes/dislikes

While allowing your authentic personality to come through all in an effort to prequalify and attract your ideal partner. I’ve helped hundreds of singles with their online dating lives.

  • Stop wasting hours sending messages w/o getting replies.
  • Stop attracting the wrong people.
  • Be confident that you’re projecting the right image and message.
  • Learn to look for red flags in profiles and learn to read between the lines.
  • Learn to communicate standards, boundaries, and lead conversations over email or text to get to that date.