Pretty harsh thing to say, I know…

What’s that ONE thing you ask?

No, it’s not money, good looks, or even Confidence.

Sure, I go on and on about how confidence is the most important thing. How it changes how you carry yourself. How confidence is the sexiest quality anyone can possess.

BUT! So far I’ve only been talking mostly about the “hacks” you can use to become more confident. Little tricks and body language tips to appear more confident. Fake it till you make it stuff. All of those are amazing. And they all work, like…really work well!
You meet a strong woman who challenges those training wheels and uncovers that you’re lacking something big. Something huge.

A purpose in your life.

A mission.

Every woman is looking for a strong, sexy 007 with a life mission.

THAT is what’s hot. When a man chooses his life mission and sticks to it. Women can sense it from a mile away. He could be wearing sweats and be a smelly street musician, but he knows what he wants to do with his life, and his solid belief in that vision is what’s attractive. He has inner confidence that shines through. Even though he may not be there yet. He may not even be close to reaching it…but the fact that he knows where he’s going – and nobody will get in his way, that’s what women are looking for.

Of course, using the clothes, the dating skills, and knowing how to own any social setting are extremely beneficial. BUT! You’ll start meeting women who will test you. Women test CONSTANTLY. What we need is a man who’s a James Bond. We want a 007 agent who never forgets his mission. We’ll torture you, and knock those training wheels of confidence off, but if you’re still on track, and don’t lose your focus, that’s when we really fall in love with you.

Until that part is present, you’ll continue to stumble and that incredible, sexy, confident woman with a mission of her own, will keep leaving your life.

Get a mission, gents.

The sooner you take the time to know yourself, to answer your “calling” and make it your life purpose, the faster all of the other components of your life will fall into place.

Life is meant to be lived with Passion, Purpose, and to be shared.