Blog Post by Jerid Rayne

Funny thing about anything that involves your own inner reality. You shy away from anyone or any idea that may change or challenge that reality. Tell someone they should go see a therapist if you doubt it. ” What?! I’m not crazy, I feel fine ….what are you saying?!” IMMEDIATE defensive maneuvers! MAYDAY!

But anything in our external reality? That’s a whole other bag of oranges. WELL sir maybe I DO need a trainer to get fit for beach season. You know what? I’ll pay for some self defense classes. Cross fit seems nice. How much for a trainer to show me how? I paint ok but I was really thinking of taking some classes to get better. I was never good with money so I read some books on money management.

Don’t get me wrong. There are rare people out there born or develop naturally the skills we work our backsides off to achieve even the smallest amount of success in. Watch any professional basketball game or surfing competition. Kids, mere kids doing things you thought only happened in CGI enhanced movies. You know the phrase..let’s say it together “there are always exceptions to the rule”

Let’s jump back to your inner reality. I know. Don’t freak out on me yet. Guess what? No one TAUGHT you how to interact with the opposite sex. No one TAUGHT you how to communicate well. No one TAUGHT you how to have confidence. No one TAUGHT you ANYTHING about body language. You just kind of fumbled along until you reached an equilibrium , whatever that may be. How do you get better at these skills?

NO successful athlete of any skill has EVER achieved what they have without good coaches….


NO athlete would BE WHERE THEY ARE TODAY without coaches.

That is powerful when you think about it. Every skill has a coach to help you reach the next level. A coach to encourage you, give you the tools to succeed further than you ever have before. Push you into the next level of mastery. Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer. These sports have almost more coaches than players for every single thing that happens on the field. To coach the athlete into a WHOLE athlete.

Why do you need a dating coach? Well, hows your dating life? BINGO. The only people happy with their dating lives are in relationships. When you are single, you want the most opportunity to interact with as many of the opposite sex as possible to be successful in finding that someone. But that is a large task involving MANY aspects. JUST like baseball, football, basketball. There is no ONE aspect that’s more important. A complete athlete needs coaching in all avenues to be successful.

Ladies, are you tired of meeting the same guys over and over again with different faces?
Guys, are you tired of only being able to get a phone number a month and maybe one date?

Welcome to our world. We are here to help you NAVIGATE this new era of dating. Guys, what if I told you you could be setting up 5 dates a week? Ladies, what if we could show you how to attract the RIGHT man and not the 100 losers you keep finding yourself talking to? Its all possible. From beginner to advanced. We can help you through all stages, helping make you the complete, all around, successful…..dater? I gotta work on the term but you get the gist. kirk out.

Jerid Rayne