I hear this same story over and over from my girlfriends AND from men.

They meet, flirt, laugh, connect, have an amazing date…Then toward the end of date 1, maybe after date 2 or 3 something begins to feel weird.There’s not that chemistry as there was before, and the girl starts to slowly pull away.  She’s not comfortable opening up more.  The connection is fizzling and her interest level is fading quickly.

What happened?

What did he do? or Not do?

This point in the dating process is the most critical.

It sets the tone for a potential relationship and if the man knows how to LEAD, the future is bright.


A lot of men, even the strong, confident, “Together” men fail miserably at this very point and drop the ball.

Not knowing how to Lead and set the tone for the relationship makes the great girl you’re falling for question whether you have what it takes to be a partner.

She’s looking for you to take that role as the Man and make her feel comfortable to continue to spend time with you and open up to you.


If you stumble at that state, she sees that as you not being serious about her or worse – that you’re too weak to be the man that she wants.

Every woman is looking for a man to lead.

It’s only natural and we need that.

We may deny it and act like we want to be in control, but even on a primal subconscious level – we look to be led, protected, and cared for.

Gentlemen – If you did meet an amazing girl and are really into her, Don’t Drop The Ball!

If you’re not sure what I mean by “leading” the relationship or if you have more questions I can help answer, message me!