I just got to help host a fun singles mixer this past Friday where I wore my name tag w/ the company name underneath my name.


“Alter Ego” name definitely gets people curious. It starts a lot of conversations. Which is the point, right?

The question of the evening was “How did you get started?” to which I don’t really have that cool of a story for a reply. So, Instead, I chose a different question to answer, (ps. which is what I teach clients to do ), one that I’m way more passionate about and one that gets me excited.

Why do I do what I do?

Because I was insecure. I was shy. I didn’t believe in myself and it showed in all areas of my life. My lack of confidence dictated my mood, my productivity for the day, my clarity on my life and my goals, how everyone around me perceived me and how everyone treated me.

Once I realized how significant of a role your own self-image plays, I felt like I was given a key to change my entire life. There is SOOO Much Power in that knowledge!!

Knowledge then turns into motivation and a plan. A plan to change anything that you don’t like, really.

There are so many ways to improve your life, once you start looking. Once you open your eyes to all the opportunities.

Don’t feel your sexiest today? Confidence hack – Put on your best suit or dress. Style your hair all sexy. Ladies – put on some lingerie and some makeup, and obviously some hot heels. Bam! Mood Changes. Your walk changes. Your attitude changes.
Now, keep using that hack until you no longer need it as a crutch.

Practice reaching that badass feeling without the outfit. It’s possible. It’s possible to feel that confident and comfortable w/o any help and that’s the ultimate goal.

Why do I do what I do? Because I change people’s lives.

How do I do what I do?
Using simple hacks, confidence boosting exercises, and changing someone’s belief systems while coaching them through the process of self-growth and self-discovery.

Yes, it may seem superficial from afar. And Yes, I help you flirt and pack up chicks (and guys).

But what It truly is, is this –

I bring out your Alter Ego.

That confident, unstoppable, enthusiastic individual who’s carefree and passionate about life. That YOU, that YOU have been holding back. I help remove the excuses for why you’re not living the life of your dreams and I show you how to design the life you’ve been daydreaming about.

But I can’t do it without you. YOU have to realize that you’re in control. YOU hold your key. YOU have the power to change everything about your life. Any area of your life can be improved. But you have to WANT it. I’m here as a tool, and as a support system. I’ll guide you and share all of the knowledge that I’ve learned through my own journey. But no change will happen without you say YES to a new you, and taking action.

Tomorrow can be completely different. Or it can be the same as yesterday. You choose.