Texting them shouldn’t give you anxiety


You think about what to say.  Type it. Delete.



Then hold your breath while you wait, and wait.


Sometimes you get a reply. Something sweet and thoughtful. And other times – there’s days, weeks w/o a reply.


Not getting a reply to a text or email from anyone else doesn’t cause so much damage, so why are you freaking out about this one?

Why can’t you be understanding and realize that life happens and they probably forgot to reply?


Well, the truth is that this individual is getting to you because you don’t know where you stand with the. You don’t feel comfortable with your relationship, your interaction, and it’s the insecurity of it all that makes you crazy. Yes, we’ve all been there. Most likely on both ends.


This person giving off the mixed signals most likely doesn’t even realize that they’re doing it – or if they do – they just don’t care enough about it.  So why keep trying to figure them out? Why allow yourself to live in that anxiety, in the unknown zone? The truth is that this person just doesn’t care enough to give you what you need. They’re not invested enough. Not as much as you.  They’re too busy, too detached, too unavailable or just too uninterested.


So, before wasting months or years playing this cat & mouse game with someone who’s not worth your time – stop this cycle.


Realize that you’re important and deserve someone’s attention.  You deserve to be honest with someone and have them acknowledge your needs, wants, and desires.


Yes, you may have had a great date, few dates, months of dates even. But the truth is that they’re not setting the tone for a great relationship.  They’re not consistent, reliable, or available.  Do you really want to waste your energy thinking about and chasing someone who’s just not into you?


Now, I also have to throw out there that the way they’re with you may not be how they are in general. They may be people of great character, and very consistent with other people in their life.  But – they’re still not with YOU. Take that as a big sign and move on.  Timing plays a huge role in our lives and in our relationships. Accept the truth of the situation and keep moving forward.


There’s nothing you can do to make someone ready for a relationship, and giving more of yourself won’t make them all of a sudden want a relationship with you.