It’s an art & a science.

Creating attraction and developing chemistry happens naturally, if you allow it to. There are definite hacks that you can use to make sure you don’t get in your own way.

When you first meet someone, you’re putting your best foot forward. You’re being playful, carefree, still testing each other and learning about one another.

The connection is there, the chemistry is there, the respect is there, but then comfort sets in…and now what? You find yourself a little too relaxed. A little too secure. A little less intriguing and you don’t try that hard anymore.

Date nights are far in-between. Conversation gets stale. Chores and routines rule your life and you don’t know what happened. It’s great to feel so comfortable, sure, but we humans need to be challenged. We need to have a balance of security and predictability with the unpredictability. The spice and edge needs to be maintained and keeping that passion and attraction in a relationship takes effort. It’s work. It takes a desire to maintain that passion and dedication to seduce your partner every single day.

What a lot of couples do is mistaken the comfort for lost love or passion, and end up growing further apart without realizing that they’re in complete control of the level of attraction that their partner can feel for them. It’s clearly a two way street and both partners need to be dedicated and aware, but if a man chooses to keep his girlfriend or wife happy, he has all the tools in the world to do this.

A man who chooses to create an incredible relationship, creates an incredible life all around. There’s a reason there’s a saying “Happy Wife – Happy Life”. What happens is that most men forget what they did at the beginning. They think that all his woman wants is gifts or flowers. Understanding women and what makes every woman tick is the key. We seek connection. We want you to make us feel like nothing else matters, for just those few minutes when you stare deep into our souls and melt us. The funny and sad part of that, is men disconnect after a while and get frustrated with themselves, because they don’t know what they did to lose that connection with their woman. And don’t know what to do to get it back. That’s where I come in. I explain those desires. I explain what you can do to get it back to where it used to be. I’ll give you a list of things to follow, and magic happens. Guaranteed.

Seduction Happens. She notices you again and looks at you with Desire. She wants to be playful and affectionate with you again. She wants to look sexy for you.

You want that power? You have it. You just have to use it.

Want to seduce your wife or girlfriend again? It’s simple. Let me help you get you to your sexiest best self and get that spark back. You owe it to yourself to live an incredible life full of passion and love.



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