We all fear it.

It’s awful…yes.

Surprisingly – we all experience it, and to be honest, the only way to live is to get USED to it.  Not something you want to hear, I know.

The truth is that not everyone is going to like you or want to talk to you or get to know you.  Not everyone is going to be attracted to you.  Not everyone is going to want to be friends with your or hire you.  It’s just reality.

But, for some reason, we often times forget that WE don’t actually want to be liked/talk to/work for/date most of those people anyway.  The reason we feel Rejected is because we reach out and put ourselves in that vulnerable state.  We temporarily open up and step off the “In total control” stool and rely on someone else to decide something.

The thing with rejection and vulnerability in general is that it’s actually Good for you.  Crazy, I know.  But it really is amazing for your inner self and ego, it’s great for your personality, and it’s amazing at building confidence to Get rejected.  Those moments when you feel like you want to run away and hide are moments of growth.  Those moments force you to think and hopefully think about deeper topics like Why is this making me so upset? Why am I so scared of having someone not accept me?  Why is someone who I don’t yet know able to affect my state of happiness?

Rejection makes you more Confident.  It’s true.

Vulnerability makes you more Aware of who You are.

Snapping back from rejection and that place of sadness is all Growth.

On a different note though, a lot of times we actually reject ourselves in our minds before actually having someone reject us.  We feel so uncomfortable after making ourselves a tiny bit vulnerable that we rush to close that door.  We come up to someone new and whisper Hi, not get noticed and immediately run & hide.  We don’t hear back from someone in hours/days and immediately assume they’re rejecting us.  We don’t get an email response from someone and we feel hurt & neglected.

So, I say – Put yourself Out There!  Stop fearing rejection before you even Get Rejected.  And even if you do – Accept it.  Thrive in it.  and Grow from it.

Choose Love not Fear