Persistence is definitely one of the must-have qualities that someone has to posses in order to succeed.

Success not only in someone’s career – but in all aspects of life.


Here I want to give some examples of persistence, starting backwards from the Ugly.

The Ugly: Example 1

You go out a few times, have a great time.  You want to see her again but she says that she’s super busy and won’t be able to schedule something for a week.  Maybe she’s going out of town, or something major came up at work – whatever the reason.  But she did give a reason.  You get offended and take this as a rejection, then proceed to tell her off.  Saying things like “well, I’m not going to be following you around like a puppy if you can’t make time for me”  or something of the sort.  When things aren’t going according to your plan, whatever you do – don’t get all emotional and screw up the possibility of a future.  Keep it together, and if a month or so, check in with her again, casually.

The Ugly (And Extremely Annoying) Example 2:

You get her number, maybe go out on a date and you go nuts.  Texting “Good Morning” “Hi” “How’s it going?” “How’s your day?” plus 10 more “not-really-valuable” texts.  And you keep going, even though she doesn’t reply.  Or there’s the guy who doesn’t listen at all, and when you tell him you’re busy until next week, still texts “I’m in the area. Grab a drink?”  “Want to go to a concert tonight at 8?”  “What are you up to?”  Don’t be that guy and stop with the obnoxiousness!  Take a hint, or better yet, LISTEN to what she’s telling you and take it into consideration.

The Bad

The bad is when someone hears a tiny bit of hesitation and gives up.  Almost every woman is going to require a bit of convincing before she allows you into her life.  Yes, you have to take the time and effort to “sell” her on why she should give you her time and attention.  If you hear something other than an eager Yes! and give up… well, you’re really missing out on a lot of opportunities.  Learn to be playful and light in your approach, expect hesitation and rejection, and know how to respond to those.  As much as I hate using the Sales comparison, it’s very similar to a business transaction.  When your offer isn’t accepted, stay polite and classy, so you can possibly do business later.  And don’t write it off as a lost cause.  If it’s something you really want, keep in touch and look for opportunities of better circumstances & timing.

The Good

As mentioned previously, the keys to the right level of persistence are:

  • Keep it Light
  • Don’t put too much Pressure on the outcome or come across Desperate
  • Expect Hesitation and know what to say to Objections
  • LISTEN & take circumstances into consideration
  • Don’t text too much and keep your texts Fun, Funny, and of Value
  • Be polite and Understanding – Don’t destroy the possibility of a future
  • Casually check in every so often, timing is key