To continue with the topic of Online Dating Profile mistakes, below are some areas I’ve noticed that a lot of men are failing in (Besides Photos)

1.  Grammar/Spelling Errors  This is a huge pet peeve for most people and I shouldn’t even need to bring it up but unfortunately this tops the list for profile mistakes.  Please fix your grammar, run-ons, spelling mistakes and stop repeating yourself.  We get that you love sports from the first 5 times you said it.

2.  Only using the “Wink” or “Like” Feature  This to us says that you’re either too cheap to actually pay for the membership or too lazy to put in any effort into your love life.  If you’re neither, then be a man and actually read our profile, then find something intriguing to say.

3.  Sending a Vague/Generic/Lame Message  Saying “hi” “what’s up” “you’re cute” isn’t intriguing.  Please see above.  Clicking on the “Message” box and typing “Hi” is still being lazy and still not being intriguing.  Pasting in a 4 paragraph autobiography in addition to your profile qualifies as Lame also.  The conversation piece of online dating is design to do just that – to converse.  Be interesting. Show us that you read our profile. Let your personality come through in your initial contact.

4.  Taking a Passive Approach in Online Dating  Most females don’t and will not make the first move.  If you’re waiting for the girl of your dreams to message YOU, you’re going to be waiting a long long time.  Be a man, figure out what you’re looking for, search for her, and start the dialogue.

5.  Taking too Long to Respond  When you do begin a conversation online, please don’t have a week go by in-between messages.  Once you lose the momentum, you lose the momentum.  The girl won’t remember your joke from last week and if she’s actively dating, you’ve now hit page 10 in her messages and she’s not going to take the time to bring herself up to speed each time you vanish.  This also says a lot about dedication and how serious you are about dating & finding someone.  If you’re half-assing at dialogue, you’re not serious and will be half-assing at the relationship.

6.  Taking too Long to Ask for a Date  We’re online because we have a busy life.  Please don’t waste our time with pointless small talk and chat sessions about our day.  From the first 2 conversations you should know whether you’re interested in meeting in person.  Step up and ask the girl out for a coffee date.  This will prevent you and us from wasting our precious time and will hopefully put an end to the pathetic but highly entertaining shows like MTV’s Catfish.

7.  Having a “Don’t Contact Me If” List  If you really took the time to put one of these together, you’re doing something wrong.  Either your profile is misleading, you’re coming off as a douchebag and are attracting the girls on this Don’t list, or you really are a Douchebag and shouldn’t be dating at all.