No, I’m not saying it should be THE #1 thing in your life.

But – a lot of the recent clients I’ve met, aren’t really – I mean REALLY serious about finding a partner. They’re casually dating on and off, have a full schedule already and make no extra effort if or when a great catch comes along.  They ask for my help in dating and meeting great women, but after talking to them about the previous experiences, it’s clear to me that they’re not capable of maintaining the interest of this amazing woman that they want nor a schedule that a relationship would require.

Women definitely admire men who are driven, successful, and who aren’t “needy”. Men who have an amazing life already are extremely attractive.

But! There’s a line.

When a man has not made ANY room in his life to have an actual relationship – that’s a big red flag. What that says to any quality female is that he’s not expecting to compromise and that love isn’t on his priority list.

When a man has a very set schedule and barely any free time in his life, it says that he’s not willing or ready for love. He can’t handle an additional item on his already full calendar and it very much turns off the quality women who are the best fit for these men. No amazing woman will be waiting to be scheduled into someone’s life and accept a position down on the totem pole.  And nor should she!

It’s funny though. The men whom I’ve met who have the very demanding positions and busy schedules usually unwind and party pretty hard. They take weekends completely off, and go on crazy trips to Vegas, Miami, Cancun, wherever else the party scene is happening.

To me that just shows a lack of balance and prioritizing. Someone successful is actually a lot more (or SHOULD BE) a lot more in control of their life than these bachelors I’ve been meeting.

There has to be time made on weekdays for dates, a relationship to develop, a wife someday. The weekends can’t all be spent partying like there’s no tomorrow if the guy wants a quality woman to be a part of his life.

So, I have to ask myself, my clients, friends, readers:

Are you living your life while still allowing someone else, someone amazing to enter it?

Is there room for them?

Would they be welcome and happy in it?

Honestly. I’ve met plenty of men and women who say they want a serious relationship, marriage, kids, etc… But their lifestyle doesn’t show it one bit.

Someone who’s ready for a serious relationship wants a reliable supportive partner who would be there for them and for the future family. Someone who’s not available during the week wouldn’t be someone they’d choose. Also, if someone is still partying it up a bit much, turns off people who are serious about finding a great partner. Extreme behavior isn’t attractive and only scares or worries most people.

Sorry about the rambling and not writing in a while, but I thought I’d share my recent thoughts before I fall asleep. Thanks for reading and following the blog! I, myself, am working on balance and consistency in my own life, so having those qualities in a partner are extremely important to me.

Be Open to Finding Love & It will walk in

Make time and room for love to make it work, and to make it last

Love should be on that Priority list… not an afterthought