Ahhhh, the question I used to really DREAD being asked, until recently. The more clients I help, the more confident I become in my own abilities and skills.

“Hey lady! I’ve seen a lot of posts about your dating/personal services and was just curious what it was all about? How it works? And in the nicest and sincerely wondering way, what makes you an expert on the topic? Looking forward to hearing from you!”


Great question, and I’m glad you asked, actually!

What is it all about? I started the company Alter Ego Seattle almost a year ago, after being asked by lots of friends of mine to take them shopping and give them advice on dating, interviews, handling difficult situations. I somehow became their Go-To for “life” advice, and knowing that I tell it how it is without sugarcoating anything – I became recommended and started charging for the service. It was difficult to put a price on the services and really compartmentalize the services, but I did my best and with more and more clients’ requests, have come up with the most requested offers. Currently, clients find me and tell me exactly what they want to gain from this, and we figure out a package deal or an on-going scheduled hourly sessions.

Personal Styling is pretty easy to explain. A lot of people get stuck in a rut and want to try a new style. Grow up, if you will. Maybe dress for a new job that they got, or want to get. Or to attract a more quality guy/girl. I help with that. Details of the process are on my site.

Dating Coaching is a little more challenging. This part took me a lot of time to study, practice, and really master. I’ve been in a few serious relationships, and have been a serial dater for the last 2 years. I have read every attraction/relationship book out there. Gone to every seminar known to man, and really strive to know more and more about the opposite sexes, how attraction works, how the two are different, how to keep the chemistry alive, and what it takes to really connect to a human being. I’ve been through a lot in my 31 years, and I am humbled that I get to share my own struggles and successes, and coach people who have not been as hurt or used, or treated as incredibly as I have (and as I do! – the incredible part – not the others! haha)

I teach men and women how to look at the big picture, how to really understand what the opposite sex is thinking and how to be cool & collected – but mostly how to remain in control and confident. What happens in most early relationships or on dates, is someone opens up too much or is sloppy about a boundary, or is too needy, or just isn’t ready to put themselves out there and they scare away the date. It can happen on date 1, 2, 5, 3 months down the line. What I do is help the individual stay clear on what’s happening during the dating process and in the early stages of the relationship. Help understand and keep aware of how the relationship is progressing and constantly reminding and exposing areas of pain, insecurities, etc and helping that individual heal that part of them instead of expecting their partner to. It’s a process. We’re all damaged goods. It’s about being aware of those things that are broken in yourself and choosing to heal and grow in them.

I’m lucky that I’ve decided to grow and heal. And I’ve dated a lot. A year ago I decided that I was going to learn about myself and who it is that makes me the best me possible. So, I told myself that I will “Kiss 100 Frogs”. I said that I’ll say Yes to 100 First dates. And….I met incredible men. Men who taught me A LOT.

Hope that answers your questions