I’m going to share a story…

I was at an event recently where a guy totally picked me up, and I loved it. Let me explain what he did and why it was so hot.

I arrived alone.  Knew a few people whom I said hello to, but sat at the bar solo.  Was waiting to get the bartender’s attention for a while as this guy smoothly glides up next to me, looking forward at the bartender and makes a little joke picking on me

“All dressed up and all alone.  Interesting.”

I smirk because he was totally calling me out, which us girls LOVE btw.  “Hunting” I said as I looked around.

He laughed and we continued the small talk.  He asked if he could buy me a drink, which I accepted.  We talked for approx 5 more mins and then he did something that really shocked me.  He introduced me to some of his friends and then WALKED AWAY.  Yep, we were having a great time, flirting, picking on each other, the conversation was flowing and then he LEFT me.

Having been a dating coach and teaching guys some of the Pickup Artist material out there, I knew what he was doing and I was surprised that it was working on me.  I was literally looking around for the next 30 mins seeing where he was and thinking about nothing but where he was, who he was talking to and missing our conversation.  I totally FELL for it.

It is a big risk that guys take, leaving the girl when conversation is flowing and it’s fun – but this is exactly what makes us women crave more contact.  If he would have stuck around for the whole night, I most likely would’ve gotten bored, or we would have ran out of things to talk about and have a few awkward moments and there wouldn’t have been so much attraction and desire to get back to the conversation.  Nobody likes to go to an event and get stuck talking to someone the entire time.  Even though he really liked me, he pulled himself away and it only made me want him more.

We later reconnected and chatted some more.  I had to leave the party and actually had a date that evening, but I have to admit, I kept thinking about this guy and what he did to spark my interest.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t agree with ALL of the Pickup Artist material out there.  In fact, any of it, if used by a guy who only wants to meet and use women is awful.  But, I’m finding that the amazing, quality men whom I work with don’t know these psychological tricks and tools that really increase attraction and work to get women interested in you.

Be different.  Stand out.  Be confident.