I had the pleasure of going shopping with a friend of mine yesterday and help him get fitted for some shirts and a suit.

Sitting near the Alterations area at Nordstrom, I was amazed at how many men were lined up, getting their clothing perfectly tailored to them. They Love the idea of getting Custom made suits and are so much more open to getting clothes to fit them, vs squeezing into an outfit that doesn’t fit.

It’s funny to me – because women are the opposite.

We’re all about the size label on each piece and get upset if something doesn’t fit like it should. Women are A LOT less likely to buy something that Almost works and get it tailored.

Why do we want to be the Sample size instead of accepting that our bodies aren’t cookie cutter?

We’re all different.

Designers struggle with Sample sizing and have to come up with formulas and Average shapes/measurements to fit the majority of the population.

The fact that a piece doesn’t fit perfectly shouldn’t be a negative, nor should the size on the tag matter. It’s about loving your body as it is today and getting clothes that fit and flatter it.

Love it today – not tomorrow.



Men and women both, get stuck and limit themselves in the area of Confidence and Style. It’s almost like we set ourselves up to fail.

We say:

“I’ll buy a new wardrobe as soon as I lose the 20 lbs”

“I’ll start dressing well when I feel sexy again”

“I’ll be more social and go out when I look and feel better about myself”

But… why wait?

Why waste the time feeling less than, because you’re still working on your fitness goals?

Why let yourself feel less confident because your wardrobe sucks and you don’t like how you look in it?

Why sit at home and not ask the cute guy/girl out just because you’re not 100% happy with all areas of your life?

Life…is never perfect.

It’s about Improvement. Growth. Constant Change.

Progress is made when you start working on improving all areas of your life. Getting a new sexy outfit will only motivate you to keep going and getting in better shape. Feeling amazing and hot will inspire you to be more social and improve your mood, empowering you to keep going. Don’t wait till you meet one goal to work on the next. Don’t waste any more time feeling bad about yourself. Get to feeling the best you can – today. As you are. Then, keep going & improving.

Choose to be happy Today. Not tomorrow.