Dear Miss Marina,
What’s the correct first date greeting? A handshake feels weird. Is it okay to go in for a hug? 

Brian, Seattle


couple sitting close


Hey Brian,
This ones comes up quite a bit. The appropriate greeting really depends on the individual. Are you a touchy feely guy who hugs friends and family all the time? Then you’re comfortable with touch. In that case I suggest a hug and a gentlemanly kiss on the cheek. If you’re not typically a hugger, then going in for a hug and a kiss may be really awkward for you, so we want to avoid that. Do something that communicates interest and is a step past the friend zone. A handshake is too cold and will force her to feel more uptight and distant. Break the friend zone, break the physical touch barrier and go a step outside your comfort zone with a great hug or a hug+kiss on the cheek combo.