I know I already picked on the gentlemen previously and thought I’d be fair by mentioning some of the biggest style/fashion/appearance mistakes that we, ladies make. I say WE because I, too, fall guilty of these from time to time.

To get this list, I surveyed my panel of trusted men whom I trust very much – so this list is combining opinions of other ladies and men.

1. Not Wearing Makeup

It’s a bit surprising to me that this came up as the #1 for a lot of people I asked – but after looking around, I did notice that there’s too many girls who don’t make any effort in that department. It’s very rare that someone is born with such amazing skin & features where makeup isn’t helpful. I’m not saying you have to spend an hour getting your face on in order to be pretty – but please take the 5-10 minutes to even out the skin, add some color to the cheeks to look alive, accentuate those eyes, and gloss those lips. A little goes a long way and you instantly look like you care about your appearance. It’s a superficial world we live in, I know. Accept it.

2. Wearing Too Much Makeup

I know what you’re thinking – I’m impossible to please!  Too MUCH makeup is sometimes worse than not having any on at all.  That caked on, layer on layers of makeup where your face doesn’t look human anymore isn’t cute.  Keep it simple & natural.  Accentuate the features you were born with – not draw yourself new ones.  If people see you without makeup on and A. Don’t recognize you at all   OR  B. Ask if you’re ill – then you’re wearing too much on a regular basis.


3.  Not Dressing For Your Body Type

This is a big one…Especially since women have a million more options for what to wear in terms of shapes and silhouettes.  If you are curvy, don’t wear boxy dresses and stay away from large prints.  If you’re tall & skinny , don’t drown your slinky frame in flowy tops with no shape.  Accept the body you’re working with.  Learn about how to flatter your shape, accentuating your curves, bringing out your best parts and adding feminine touches.

4.  Dressing Too Young/Slutty

Men actually brought this one up more than women.  Ladies – if you’re over 30, you need to stop shopping in the Juniors section.  No, the super low rise hip-huggers with rhinestones on your ass won’t fool anyone into thinking you’re younger than you are.  It just looks silly and well, sloppy.  Leave the trendy Forever21 looks to the teens and go for more sophisticated options.  Go easy with the push-up bras and leave a little to the imagination when it comes to cleavage.  Oh, and… just because the top is stretchy, doesn’t mean it’s a dress and shouldn’t be worn as one.  After a few drinks you forget that you have to keep pulling it down and well, it’s a free show that most don’t want to see.  Keep it classy.

5.  Wearing the Wrong Underwear

Oh boy…the dreaded VPL.  (Visible Panty Lines)  Come on ladies, get with the program!  There’s now Sooo many options to avoid this!  Get yourself some nude seamless thongs that don’t bunch up or dig in anywhere.  Get yourself some Spanks for those dresses, pants, & skirts for where things could use a little more shaping underneath.  The right undergarment and shape wear can transform how your outfit looks.  And lastly, don’t forget about the Girls!  Your bra needs to FIT – no overflow, empty cups or back ripples should be made as a result of putting it on.  Get properly fitted & sized immediately.  It’ll change your life!

6.  Wearing Ugly Shoes

Only wearing flats or shoes that are plain ol’ ugly is no fun and doesn’t do much for your overall appearance.  Men complained about this one quite a bit.  Ladies – there are SO many amazing options for shoes!!  Flats are great for casual days and running errands, but please get yourselves some sexy heels and learn to rock those babies!  Black & nude pumps are essential!

7.  Not Knowing How to Walk in Heels

What’s even worse than wearing ugly shoes is wearing heels but not knowing how to walk in them.  There’s few things more tragic to watch than when a girl looks like an injured gazelle as she attempts to walk in stilettos.  If you’re not ready to leave the practice room, please stay in flats a little longer or move up slowly by graduating to wedges first.  …Because…that walk is literally painful to watch.

8.  Over-Accessorizing

You own Coach everything…we get it.  And sooo much gold!  That’s Awesome… Just don’t wear it ALL at the same time.  We shouldn’t be able to hear you coming because of all your jewelry is rattling nor should we wonder if you’ve just cleaned out someone’s accessories closet.  Accessories are great, but keep it simple.  Less is more ladies!