After posting the 5 Single Men Women Don’t Want blog post, I received a bunch of requests to come up with one for women. Here’s 7 that came to mind. (Yes, these were all inspired by women I know) 🙂
Guys, have I missed any?

Hot Club Chick Abby
She’s super hot, obviously. She’s been able to get through life relying on her looks. Guys drool over her, pay anything to be around her, and she goes home with the best candidate of the evening (usually the guy who bought the VIP table at the nightclub and got her wasted. You never see her without her mask of makeup, lashes, hair extensions, and a racy outfit. This girl takes enough selfies in a day to qualify as a full time job. She’s fun to be around, but doesn’t have much else going for her.

Emotional Lisa
She’s just too much, too soon, and always. She opens up about all her issues, past relationships, and all the guys that used her and cheated on her. She shares these details in a desperate attempt to connect, hoping that you’re “the one” who will save her and love her. You don’t know why you start finding her less attractive after all that, but you just do. She senses that and starts getting more needy and emotional, telling you that you’re just like the rest of the assholes she dated. You can’t wait until the 30 texts a day stop and she finds another “asshole” to cry to.

Sexy Gold-digger Selena
This girl is intelligent and gorgeous. She grew up with a family who worked hard to keep up with the Jones and her mission is to marry rich. She likes nice things, like … a lot, and never fails to show them off. She’s brand-happy and isn’t afraid to judge everyone who isn’t. The men she chooses to date must own things, flashy things, and she uses men as stepping stones to climb up the social ladder. This girl is on a mission and as soon as she finds a guy with a bigger bank account, she’ll leave you in the dust.

Guy in a Girl’s Body Gina
She burps, swears, and tries to out-fart most guys (and thinks it’s sexy). She feels the need to try her hardest to be “one of the guys” and in the process loses all her femininity. Her friends are mostly guys because she hates other girls. Men don’t see her as an actual female though, and are turned off by her masculine energy. She gets friend-zoned instantly, unless she runs into a sports fanatic tobacco chewer who gives her a chance, but it never lasts because she out-mans him at some point. She sits without crossing her legs and she thinks high heels are stupid. Makeup too.

Desperate Deena
This girl is never alone. She’s the overachiever who can’t rest until her life looks like Ivanka Trump’s. She wants to get married at 29, so she has exactly 7.5 months to meet “the one”. This girl brings up kids, marriage, and wedding flowers on the first date. She instantly becomes your girlfriend without you realizing it, and plays house-wifey like nobody’s business. She suffocates you with all the motherly stuff – breakfast in bed, she irons your clothes, packs your lunch, hides love notes in your pockets, and calls you honey. She’s great, really, but you always wonder if it’s you she wants or just to be a wifey.

Lost Soul Lacy
Lacy is a follower. She’s a super sweet girl with lots of great qualities, but she’s a little too easy-going. You ask what she wants for dinner, and she smiles and says “I don’t know! Whatever you want!” You keep asking her opinion on things, and don’t ever seem to get anywhere. She’s had most of her decisions made for her for as long as she’s existed, and she just doesn’t know any better. Plus, why would she want to be independent and challenge herself when someone else can make all those decisions for her? She’s great, really, but she’s a lost puppy who will follow anyone who leads, and it gets boring after a while.

Challenge Everything Claire
Claire is very independent and successful. She’s the most driven and ambitious woman you’ve ever met. She’s brilliant, but a little too career focused. Her over-achiever tendencies get annoying after a while. Without realizing it, she’s always trying to out-do the men and prove to the world that she’s just as good. She’s the most successful out of her family, out-earning everyone she knows. She takes pride in her accomplishments so much that it turns into the topic of every conversation. She’s also so well read and “in the loop” that she takes the stage in all discussions and goes overboard with challenging everyone she can about controversial topics. You find yourself exhausted hanging out with Claire and her intensity.