Come behind the scenes with me and see what I make every male client buy!

1.  American Crew Fiber – Best hair product I’ve yet to meet, and works great for all hair types.  I bring this stuff with me to all photoshoots and have it on hand for any fly-aways for my own head of hair

Buy on Amazon for $10

2.  Garment Steamer – This is a must have! I know (most) guys aren’t great at doing laundry and taking the clothes out on time isn’t their forte. Well, with this guy, all you need is some water and a few mins, and your clothes can look fresh, wrinkle-free, and it even gets odors out.

Buy on Amazon for around $20
3.  Slim Fitting Jeans – I still see a lot of guys wearing really loose, ill-fitting jeans.  Grab a pair of these babies and you’ll never want to wear those old drab jeans from your college days again.

*I like these Levi’s because you have the options of waist size and length, plus tons of colors and textures.  The price range is also great – $34.99 – $110 depending on the style you select.

Buy on Amazon – Price range $34.99-$110

4.  Button Down Shirt – Did you know that women call them button ups and guys call the button downs? Weird huh?  Anyway, this is a must have.  I really like the following brand/fit which has great color options to select from.  It’s not too slim, not too stuffy, and the sleeves can be rolled up which is my favorite look.

Buy on Amazon for $20

5.  Blazer – All my clients will tell you that I’m ALL about the blazer, and for good reason!  It dresses up a pair of jeans and a tee instantly and makes a man look and act in charge. It’s seriously magical. Plus it makes you sit up straight!  No need to go super stuffy or get an entire suit if you’re not used to wearing them or have no need to. But, one blazer will definitely help take your date night outfit to a whole new level.  All the ladies will thank me.

Buy on Amazon for $99

If you don’t feel comfortable buying a blazer online (which is totally understandable) I recommend H&M or Zara.  A lightweight, grey or navy blue blazer works for everyone! Or find a few online, keep one that works and return the others.

6.  Shoes – For these I have 2 pairs that all guys should have. Casual and dressy.  Keep it simple and they don’t need to be expensive.

Buy these on Amazon for $60

Buy these on Amazon for $26 – $85

7. Tees and Long Sleeve Henleys are also great. I bought these for the bf and they look great and fit really well:

Buy on Amazon for only $24.99

Buy this shirt for $6 on Amazon


Those are really the must-have items that I make all clients buy.  Those, and of course some new dark or fun socks, no-show socks are great too for loafers, and some new dark boxer briefs.

That sums it up! Let me know if you guys have questions or want more styling advice and links! I shop on Amazon like a mad woman, so happy to help!  I’ll do one for the ladies too so you know which are my go-to fashion items I can’t live without and crazy inexpensive finds that I absolutely love!