There’s a lot of single men out there and a lot of guys (not all) fall into one of these categories. These are obviously extremes, but… there may be some truth to the description.

Guys, is this close to home?

Ladies, which guy are you attracting over and over again?

Depressing Dan
He talks a lot about how he’s been used, heart broken, works too much, can’t get a nice girl. He talks about money constantly and over shares about his expenses and stresses in life. He’s worried about a lot of things and even though he’s sweet, fear drives his life and he’s just waiting for the girl to make a mistake so he can justify his beliefs about women.

Party Paul
The guy who is over 35 but still acts like a frat boy. Usually successful and loves to entertain. Most times dates women who are much younger and avoids commitments. Has insecurities and overcompensates with material things to prove his worth. Never been married or was married and is now making up for lost time.

Man Child Matt
He seems like he has his life together from afar and talks a lot about his goals, but when you look deeper, he’s still supported by his parents and his dreams are far from reach. His intentions are great, but the execution and accomplishments are lacking. He over promises and talks about great things he wants to do together but those things never happen. His passions change often and he’s still trying to find his place in the world.

Scammer Sam
This guy is great at sales. He’s a smooth talker, is very charming and extremely persuasive. When you’re the one he’s focusing on – you feel it. He knows how to woo, shmooze, and impress. When the limelight gets removed you start noticing that this guy doesn’t have close friendships and every other word is an exaggeration, lie, and deceit. This man lacks character and takes advantage of everyone around him. If you don’t have anything to offer, he’s not interested in having you in his life. When necessary, he’ll screw over a buddy without thinking twice. He’s always looking for ways to get ahead by taking advantage of situations, companies, and people.

Lazy Larry
This guy just doesn’t really want to do anything meaningful with his life. He’s more than content with his dead-end job, drinking a 6 pack of beer each night and not leaving the couch on his days off.