No guy is perfect. But to come even remotely close to perfection, or at least to being a perfect gentleman, it’s important to pay attention to small habits that can make a big difference. A little goes a long way in relationships—taking one extra step to hold the door open speaks volumes to your character. All too often I see fantastic men making the following mistakes, and trust me, these habits can definitely be deal breakers.

  1. Drinking a cocktail from a straw. Just no.
  1. Not making eye contact when cheers-ing. My eyes are up here! Locking gazes during a toast is intimate and exciting, an opportune moment to start the date off right. 
  1. Not opening or holding the door for people. Chivalry will never go out of style, fellas. Opening the door for others is more than a random act of kindness, it reflects on the type of person you are. This small gesture requires minimal effort on your part so there really is not reason not to. Whether or not someone needs help holding the door open, make it a habit.
  1. Being too nice. Always be kind, but too much kindness is just that—too much. Being overly nice allows people to walk all over you and can mask your personality. It’s annoying. Stop agreeing with everything I say!!! 
  1. Not walking on the outside of the sidewalk. This is common courtesy. The man should always be on the outside of the woman as her protector. Even if she doesn’t notice at first, she definitely will recognize this gesture as you adjust your position each time you’re out together. 
  1. Not texting to confirm the day of the date. Leave no ambiguity about your plans. A quick, simple text shows that you’re looking forward to the date and have no intention of bailing. Nobody wants to be stood up. 
  1. Expecting to see a person the day of without making plans in advance. Things come up and people’s schedules change. If you want to see someone, make a plan, don’t leave it up to chance.
  1. Not accepting and dealing with hair loss. Denying the existence of that bald spot will not make your hair grow back. Like many other biological joys of aging, hair loss is going to happen, so deal with it! There are plenty of ways to make thinning hair work—and no, comb-overs do not count. 
  1. Wearing clothes that are too baggy. Stop hiding behind baggy jeans, you’re not fooling anyone! Overly loose clothing is not flattering on anyone. First impressions are everything, and baggy clothes evoke sloppiness right off the bat.
  1. Being boring. There is perhaps nothing more unattractive than a man without a mission. You don’t have passions, hobbies, hopes or dreams? You’d rather sit on your couch than enjoy a beautiful day? Nothing to say? Next.

Ladies, what things that guys do bug you the most? Gentleman, any thoughts or questions? Comment and let me know!