About Me

Why I’m obsessed with James Bond…
Growing up in Russia and in a religious family I had very limited access to tv or movies. My dad loved the James Bond movies and a few other series like Crocodile Dundee and Harrison Ford. James Bond was my favorite.
He’s always in control, very simple classic attire, doesn’t say much but speaks with purpose, and has a mission that no woman can get in the way of.
I first named my company Alter Ego Seattle


Biggest opportunities I saw:


Going to networking events and just observing public places I noticed that a lot of people were timid, shy, and insecure. Knowing that confidence affects someone’s own perception of themselves, I wanted to help people.
But, how do you hack that? When I feel a little blah, I fake it with appearance. Put on a cute outfit, hair, makeup, heels, the works. When that’s all handled, and I feel good, I found that it makes it easier to focus on other things. How you feel changes. So, I started helping people with personal appearance, learning to master small talk and making people more “likeable”.  Learning how to connect with others and learning how to lead. How to make a situation go the way you want it to go.


Once insecurities are removed, then the person has the clarity to figure out who they really are and what they need in life. After getting a lot of attention from the opposite sex (because yes, we’re all drawn to the physical side first), it makes a person start thinking more about what  kind of relationship is ideal for them and start being more selective.


The Process:


3 month bootcamp package includes various personality tests (including Attachment style & Love Languages test) a makeover, photoshoot, re-written profiles, and weekly coaching with homework, videos to watch/books to read, and I’m available via text to guide their online conversations on apps, dating sites, or text conversations with their love interests. I tell them what to say and WHY, explain what that person may mean by their responses and guide them to lead the conversation where they want it to go.


I’m the blunt sister they never had.


I’m a combo of Pick up Artist (some stuff they teach is great), Life Coach, Therapist, Matchmaker and Intuitive (no, not psychic, just have a very strong intuition)


Different from a therapist though, who don’t talk about themselves with patients, I always use examples from my past and from personal experiences in order to allow the client to understand my advice and the “theory” that I’m teaching them. My knowledge comes from my own heartbreaks, lessons learned, and of course all the incredible resources available out there from other coaches, therapists and authors. Esther Perel, John Gray, Matthew Hussey, David DeAngelo are my favorites.

For Men
– In a really funny way – I teach guys what I find attractive and how to “win me over”. Everything I teach is what I personally like – but it seems to be working for other ladies too!


For Women – I teach them what I do that works (and doesn’t work) in my own relationship, share my own insecurities and struggles and how I overcome them.


It’s all a grey area – the whole dating and relationship realm is all grey. There’s no black and white or rules that apply to everyone or everything.  What works best and has worked for me and my clients is trying to open up their mind to seeing different perspectives and considering multiple options. I challenge their thought process and point of view and encourage them to open up to understand others more.


The goal in my work isn’t to get someone on a date or into a relationship, it’s to remove all the junk that gets in the way of us figuring out ourselves and figuring out who that ideal person will be to make us grow.  We all have very different needs and wants in life – some like to be comfortable and just enjoy the simple pleasures, some are very driven and have inner missions that drive them. Our partner should meet that role as co-pilot.


I want to help as many people as possible and am developing an online program and an app that will help people in every phase of that process.  From pre-dating to first few dates to taking the relationship exclusive and so on.  People don’t have that guidance available aside from self-help books and marriage counselors that mostly come into play after there’s serious trouble in paradise.
I want people’s relationship and their partner to be top of mind and to have an app that will help them do that will change people’s lives.


My Philosophy

  1. I believe that we hold the key to our own success.
  2. I believe that we can have whatever we want if we only get out of our own way and learn from others
  3. I believe that our own belief systems (yes, I’m into that personal growth stuff) sometimes need to be challenged
  4. I believe that confidence can be self-taught, and have a personal list of tried, tested, & proven techniques or “hacks” that I use myself and share with clients
  5. I believe that how you look & view yourself completely affects how you feel, and how you feel, well, that dictates your life
  6. I believe in love, romance, passion, and that having that special person in your life gives it so much more meaning and purpose
  7. I believe that everyone is lovable and can find a partner who’s incredible & worthy of them (online is an amazing place to start)
  8. I believe that most people are single because their perception of reality is slightly skewed.  They’re either too picky & disqualify great potential partners, or don’t value themselves enough and end up dating losers or users.  (I help here with a little slap in the face and re-establishing of boundaries)
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