“You’re like a breath of fresh air.  Thank you for showing me that not all girls are selfish and dumb.  Because of you I met a really sweet beautiful smart girl and it’s going really well!”  ~Joe

“I’m a successful businessman but for some reason my love life has always lacked.  Sure, I meet women all the time but something has always been off.  I met Marina at a bar (she was with a client) and I happened to overhear their conversations.  She was coaching a guy on how to carry himself, what to do, what to say as she selected women at the bar.  I must say, it was entertaining.  Her tips and advice was pretty good. We talked briefly after her client left and I asked her opinion about what she thought my problem was.  I’ve been following her advice and recommendations, read the books she insisted I read, and it’s really changed me.  I value women a lot more these days and make a much bigger effort in my love life.  My eyes have been opened on a lot of levels and my priorities have recently changed thanks to this “Wing Girl”.  I highly recommend Marina to everyone.”  ~Michael

“Thanks so much. I have more confidence because of you!”  ~Josh

“Marina initially helped me revamp my online dating profile and because of the difference it made in the type of women I was attracting, I could tell she knew what she was doing.  She’s been helping me with my dating life for a few months now and is available whenever I get stuck or have a question about a relationship topic.  I’m meeting great women and know I’ll meet the one soon at the rate I’m going.  Ongoing coaching with Marina was the best thing I ever did for my social and dating life.”  ~Scott

“I have thought about what it is that you do and what is so helpful to me. It is that you see me with new eyes. You have a fresh approach that is trained to maximize a person’s attributes.  Thank you for what you’re doing and for being you.”  ~Sam

“Marina is a genius.  I never thought the outfits she picked could work together or on my body type.  She said Trust Me and I did.  I look and feel better than ever.“  ~Amanda

"Marina was super friendly and great to work with! Although I consider myself pretty fashionable and somewhat trendy, I've always wanted to work with a personal stylist just to refine my style a little more! I was excited to meet Marina -- not only is she sweet, easy to work with, and knows her stuff, but she totally nailed my versatile style! We had a great time chatting and she put together some fun, new looks for me. She also recommended some great essentials and I'm excited to put together a whole new fall wardrobe, all thanks to Marina!"  ~Amber

“Like a typical guy, I hate shopping.  I started a new job and needed help putting together a more sophisticated wardrobe.  Marina came highly recommended from a friend so I decided to bite the bullet and go get styled.  The experience wasn’t anything like I had expected.  This girl’s passion about what she’s doing shows and after talking to her for 20 minutes I knew she “got me”.  The process was fun & painless. It takes talent to transform a person’s look and reflect all aspects of their personality. She’s strategic, smart, and holds to the vision even if it pushes your envelope.  I get compliments daily on my style and I have to say, the ladies are noticing me way more now than ever before.”  ~Brian