I like Big Butts and I cannot Lie!

Today’s post is different than my usual, but I’m feeling silly and have recently taken on the Glute/Squat Challenge, so I’m all about the bootie the last few days… probably because it’s on my mind constantly.


*If you guys haven’t heard of the Squat Challenge, see the below for the rules.

Reasons why YOU should work that Bootie:

1.  The world is obsessed with nice butts.  Butts stop traffic, have songs written about them, even make people famous (Kim K).

2.  The glutes are one of the biggest muscles, so when you work them out, you’re increasing your muscle volume quickly – therefore increasing the amount of calories you burn in a day!

3.  When you work out your bootie, you end up tonight most everything else by default.  Lunges, squats, leg raises – all work your legs, abs, core, and if you add some light weights, work your upper body too!

4.  It makes your walk sexier!  Really!  Having a bigger bootie makes your posture better and makes your hips move differently than a neglected saggy bottom.

5.  A nice butt transforms your body.  It’s the fastest, easiest, surgery-free way to change how your body looks and feels.

6.  Your clothes fit a million times better.  Everything!  Jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts – all of it.  Look around at the people around you.  You can tell who looks best in their outfits.  I’m sure they have a great bootie.

7.  You feel proud, accomplished, and motivated.  It only takes a few weeks to completely transform how your bootie looks.  Every time you check out your ass (or someone else does)  you can’t help but be proud, because you Earned that plump asset.

8.  You feel a gazillion times sexier naked, in undies, thongs, lingerie, and in a bikini.  A toned, plump bootie always steals the show and distracts from any imperfection you may be self conscious about.

9.  You become a better dancer!  Haha  You may not master the rhythm better, but because you have more junk in the trunk, you’ll find yourself shaking it a lot more.  I promise!  😉

Cheers to working those buns!

Shake it!

Jiggle it!

Bounce it!

But please don’t Twerk it  :/  At least not in public.


If you want more Butt Workouts – check out this lady with her series the Butt Bible!  She’s Insane and hilarious but awesome at the same time:



Squat Challenge Details:






~ M