I believe that confidence is the sexiest, loudest, most attractive quality anyone can possess. How a person dresses and presents themselves to the world says a lot. It’s proven that the right outfit can transform how a person looks, feels, and acts.

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”  Marilyn Monroe

There are reasons for why we call some suits “power suits” – they literally make us look, feel, and behave more in control and carry ourselves with more authority.

I work with my clients to help discover and fine-tune their personal style, assess their current wardrobe while recommending alterations/tailoring, and personally shop for or with them to find the necessary items to complete the look or wardrobe of their dreams.

I help bring out the Sexy, Polished, Confident You that you’ve always wanted to be – your Alter Ego.


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photo credit:  FreeDigitalPhotos.net