Gentlemen, please review the below and fix your profiles immediately.  You’re not presenting yourself well if you’re doing any of the below and are really limiting or may even be killing your chances of attracting the kind of woman you want.

Selfies  When I see a selfie, all I can think about is how many practice shots and poses it took to get to this one.  This one is a bit of a double standard and it’s more acceptable for girls than guys to stand in front of a mirror posing.  Sorry.  Instead of having a debate about it, let’s just say No Selfies.  Get a buddy, sister, your mom even, to take the pics.  We’ll respect you more.

Shirtless Pics  Default rule – don’t go topless.  On beach/doing water sport – semi-tolerable.  Shirtless pic w/o beach – not ok.  Shirtless Selfie – you’re disrespecting yourself.

Photos with Hot Chicks  Sure, you can have attractive female friends or family, that’s allowed.  Posting photos posing with them on your dating profile – questionable.  You’re coming across as a douchebag who’s showing off aka insecure guy who needs to prove himself.  If you post a pic with one other female, like your sister, please explain who that is.  If you’re posting photos with your Ex and are proud to say Ex gf/wife in the comments, you need counseling.

Photos holding Babies  This is kind of cute, but mostly creepy…especially if the baby isn’t yours.  Forgo this one.  We’ll use our imagination when the time is right.

Photos of Houses, Cars, Expensive Bottles of Wine  Must I explain this one?  You’re overselling yourself and it’s not attractive.  You’re talking gold-digger language.

Unclear/Covered Face Photos  Yes, your shades are cool and so is your hat.  That side profile shot is way artsy too.  But! We want to see your face – all of it.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  You’re not doing anyone any favors by posting unclear photos hiding your glass eye, receding hairline, or anything else we’ll have to eventually see in person.  You’re only setting yourself up for disappointing us or making us think you’re hiding something.

Not having Full Body Shots  Guys complain about this one when talking about girl profiles but still do it themselves all the time.  You can say in your profile that you work out 5 times a week and that you’re Athletic & Toned, but if you’re posting photos from the neck up, we don’t feel comfortable believing you.

If you’d like your profile reviewed and have me tell you how you’re presenting yourself online, email me at  I’ll give you an honest, blunt assessment with my recommendations for areas of improvement.