Guy meets girl, gets her number, they start talking, go on a date or two.  Then, for some reason, she starts ignoring him for no reason at all.  Well, chances are you’re probably guilty of one (or a few) of the below:

Social Media Stalking

Dude – we get you’re into us.  There’s no need to like every photo and everything we post seconds after it goes up.  Yes, I’m being serious.  It’s eerie and we don’t feeling like you’re watching our every move.  Please limit yourself to liking or commenting on NO MORE THAN 2 posts.  You just met us, we’re not that close.  Hide your stalker skills please.  We’ll do the same.  We WILL delete you just as soon as you start having conversations with yourself on our fb wall.

Random Calls and no Voicemails or Text follow-up

Maybe this one is just me, but it’s really weird to me when people do this.  A few things – we’re in a texting world now adays.  As much as I urge people to spend actual quality time together and talk on the phone more than texting, I think it’s only expected that early on, a call is not random or at the very least followed up by a VM or text.  TELL US WHY YOU CALLED!   I shouldn’t see a missed call and wonder why this new dude just called me and didn’t leave a message.  Don’t make me think about you and ask why you called me.  You’re the man – have a purpose for the call and don’t make us wonder if you were just passing by our place.

Make Suggestive/Sexual Comments

I have no problem with racy jokes or sexting for that matter.  BUT if we just started hanging out, please know we’re extremely sensitive to everything you’re doing.  This especially means watching your texts, the way you check out our ass when we walk, and inappropriate comments.  Keep it classy before you show us your dirty side.  We know there’s one, just leave a little mystery there initially.