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Updates! Updates! Updates!

Hey guys!

I've had so many inquiries about what's happening in my life lately that I decided to just make a post about it all to get you guys up to speed and to let you know what's coming up on the horizon.


First of all ...

- I'm MOVING!!

And not just moving to a different big city, my boyfriend and I are moving to a little resort town just outside of Lake Chelan, Washington.  We'll be living on the 40 acres he owns (fairly new purchase for the crazy guy) and creating a little business.  We have a plan of putting up at least 6 intimate upscale vacation cabins scattered on the property, each one with a different theme, but all super romantic and focused on couples and their relationships.  I can't wait to start working on the interiors of these babies and put my Cabins pinterest board to use! I LOVE interior design and decorating, so this will be an awesome project.  Plus, I'm obsessed with LOVE itself and I seriously adore the thought of helping create a romantic setting for connection, reconnection, and putting the spark back into people's relationships.


The property will also have a club house (big cabin) and a bunch of cool amenities for either individual couples or larger groups to enjoy.  We're thinking of opening it up for wedding parties (yes, you can even have a wedding up at Vampire Hills), bachelor/bachelorette parties, yoga retreats, or just family getaways for bigger families or groups of friends.

We'll also start growing a vineyard on some of the property and eventually have a winery and a lovely cave-like cellar for all our friends, family, and visitors to enjoy.


I'm still going to be in town this entire month, and I'm definitely taking on new clients since I have a little more time on my hands with the BF on a 3 week business trip to India.  This is an ideal time for you to start working with me and get the first things out of the way like Shopping/Makeover, Bachelor Pad Makeover, and Photoshoot.  If you've been thinking about doing something like this, this is your chance.  My clients usually go with the 3 month plan, where month 1 includes the Styling session, a Photoshoot, rewriting all profiles, and if necessary, a bachelor/bachelorette pad makeover.  Weekly meetings then can take place either in person, over the phone, or via Skype.  I'm available for text/email/phone support for all of my clients between coaching sessions.  I'll be back to Seattle at least every other week for client meetings in person. Schedule a call with me to chat further - or text me at 415.781.9755.


I'll be offering an Online Coaching Course soon which will mimic what I do with all my clients in person, but it'll be available for you via a daily email of my Videos, Emails and Homework Assignments.  Stay Tuned for the release!


A lot of my clients and friends have been bugging me about helping keep the relationship going with tips, date night ideas, and ways to keep the spark alive while maintaining the connection and helping the relationship grow.  Well, I've been listening and scored bigtime because my honey is an App developer.  We'll be working on this app for all you people who need regular reminders and tips on having a passionate bond with your honey.

MY BOOK (Also Coming Up....Sorry Mom  haha)

Yup...There's also a Book Coming out.  And it's about...Wait for it.  SEXTING.  The Art of Sexting.  No, it's not a How-to guide of taking d*&$ pics.  This book is about flirting, creating little fantasies, and using words and images to capture the attention of your audience.  😉  It'll be full of examples and how-to's with tips of making those texts unique and completely unique to you two.  A lot of guys are a little lost here and don't understand that women are very sensual and we use all of our senses.  I help the guys practice the art of that, and for the ladies out there, I also show you how to bring out the risque sex kitten using words, phrases, and photos to make your man go crazy thinking about nothing else.

That's about it for now folks!  We'll be busy building & growing businesses, apps, doing carpentry and interior design, planting a garden, growing grapes, while working on our own relationship and trying to not kill each other while we tackle all of these things.

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