*PS.  A lot of these images below are actual links to purchase the items on amazon.  The rest are just inspiration photos.  Feel free to click on any you like and see if it’s a link   🙂

1. Perfectly Fitting Dark Denim Jeans
These, gentlemen, will be your staples in so many outfits. These could be anything from a pair of Levi’s, Guess Jeans, or a pair of designer denim but keep them fitted, straight fit or slim, and get them hemmed to fit.
*Washing these are a pain, yes, and I’ve heard of guys who don’t wash their denim at all, but Freeze them. That’s right. Put them in a big ziplock bag and put them in a freezer to kill any germs and odors. It’s not something I’m open to myself, but you can google or YouTube on how to Freeze your jeans to keep them fresh and make them last.

BUDGET:  $150 for a great fitting pair of quality denim

Here are a few of my favorites:

greatoutfit perfect jeans

2. Fitted Button Down Shirts

These should be your go-to for Dates, Boy’s night Out, and to Work.  Throw away all your polo’s immediately.  Your girlfriend/wife/hot girl next door, boss, mom, everyone will thank you (some using their inside voice).  These, when fitted perfectly, make every man look more polished & fit.  Yes, fit.  A perfectly fitting button up accentuates the best features and is way more forgiving to any flaws a man may be self-conscious about.

You should have them in Solids for dressier occasions, and in Prints for more casual ones.

BUDGET:  $50-100 for a great fitting shirt

My recommendations:
  shirt shirt1

3.  Tailored Blazer

A lot of guys don’t realize that they could wear a tee with a blazer and jeans, and look super hip and polished.  A blazer can also be worn with a button up/tie with jeans, or with slacks for an even more dressy look.

BUDGET: $150-$500 for the blazer plus leave room for alterations

Here are some favorites & examples of how to wear them:

sexyblazer tweet blazer layers shinyblack greatblazer blazer & tee

4.  Neck Ties

Even if you’re the most casual guy ever, it’s more and more “in” to wear ties.  They look amazing with button ups and jeans, or with additional layers.  Just bite the bullet and invest in some – you’ll get tons of compliments and love how you feel all dressed up.

BUDGET:  $10-30 These guys aren’t worth spending too much on – you can go to Nordstrom Rack and find some great styles for a steal.

Basic solid ties are amazing to go with printed shirts.  Skinny ties are still in.  Or some simple printed ties are really great too.  Here are some excellent examples:

greatlayersawesome tie tie tie1

5.  Great Leather Boots or Loafers

These babies are must-haves and you should have a pair in Black and Brown (many shades of brown out there).  These go with so many outfits that sometimes I wish I was a guy and it was so easy to dress with how amazingly everything in a man’s closet goes together.  Wear these with jeans, slacks, or a suit.  Get them on the dressier side if you plan on going with the suit though, and the dressy shoes still go with jeans.

BUDGET:  $100-$300 for a great pair.  Sure, you can always go higher, but you definitely can get an amazing quality pair of boots for under $300.

boots boots2 boots4 boots5



If you wear mostly jeans, get something like this:


If you dress up and want to wear suits with your shoes too, get a pair that’s more like this:


6.  Great Fitting Tee’s (w/o crazy logo’s or branding on them… you know how I feel about that!)

A man is a suit is hottest, of course, but the runner up by far is a man in a simple white tee and jeans.  Sexy.  This looks much better (and especially since it’s getting colder now) with some layers on top, like a Blazer or a Leather Jacket.  Please make sure these tee’s fit you well, are quality made, and are basic/classic in fit, color, and texture.  You can go nuts with trends, sure, but we’re talking essentials here.  I know it’s tempting to just get one of those packs of 10 undershirts and wear them as tee’s – but please refrain.  Those shirts aren’t meant to be worn that way and it looks tacky and cheap.  They’re also not flattering, especially after a few washes.  Nobody wants to see the stained pits of your undershirt and the back of the tee that’s sticking out like a horn.  You know what I’m talking about.  Don’t be cheap or lazy, get better tee’s to wear out.  Oh, and V-necks are more flattering than Crew’s.  But long sleeve crew necks and henley’s are super cool too.

BUDGET:  $20-$50  per tee.  Maybe more, depending on where you go.  I personally wouldn’t pay more than $50 unless there’s something incredible about the shirt.

Here are some of my favorites:


 7.  Leather Jacket

Yep, it’s an essential.  There are so many great options out there and I think a guy looks super sexy in a moto-style jacket. Black, brown, camel – whatever.  They all look hot.  I’m personally stay away from the faux leather ones – just because you can tell they’re fake and they don’t look or feel as great as real leather, but if you have moral issues with wearing leather, then go for it.  I can’t argue with you there.

BUDGET:  $300-500 for a great quality jacket.  You may be able to score and find one on sale someplace, and there’s many many higher prices ones out there, but I could find a perfect one for any client for under $500.

Here are some of my favorites:

And ways to wear them:

brownj casualleather ljacketleather leatherandtie

6.  Awesome pair of Shades

Every hot sexy guy needs a flaterring pair of sunglasses.  Get over the sporty glasses you used to wear in HS.  We’re talking sex appeal.  I’d recommend a bunch, but this item is all about trying on and seeing if they fit your face shape and look good on you.

BUDGET:  $50-100  should be good.  There’s no reason to spend more than that. 

Examples of sexy sunglasses, in case you were wondering 😉  :

hotshades sexyshadeslayeringperfection  sexyvest shadessun

7.  Tailored Suit – In either Black, Charcoal, or Navy

Every man should own a suit. Period.  And yes, you must get it tailored to fit you perfectly.  There are a lot of events in a gentleman’s life that requires a suit.  Make sure it fits like a glove.  Like I said before – Women go weak in the knees when they see a man in a tailored suit.  I personally prefer the 3 piece suits.  So sexy!  I can hear you saying “But I have a suit, I just never wear it”.  That’s probably because it doesn’t fit and you look goofy in it.

BUDGET:  This one is a toughy, but I know that you can go to many places like Men’s Warehouse and score some awesome deals. 

A suit should fit like this:


greatsuit sexys basicsuitsuit1  tuxedo suitsuithot


8.  Accessories made for a MAN

I’m talking…  Super slim wallet or money clip.  Great watch.  Great belt.  Leather Shoulder Bag or Satchel.  Things that the gentlemen of the world have on them.  Get rid of the velcro wallet or something that makes your back pocket stick out.  Get rid of the plastic watch with a million buttons on it.  And please no backpacks.  You’re not in High School.   It’s time to upgrade your style gentlemen.


 belt1belt3beltsbag    bag2 manbagbag1  shoulder bag

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