#1.  FIT is KEY

The #1 giveaway or mistake that anyone can make is wearing ill-fitting clothes (even if you did spend a lot on them).  Fit is absolutely #1.  Try classic fits and get your clothes tailored! This is by far the best $ you can spend.  Even if you buy your clothes at a place like H&M or Zara, get those pieces altered to fit you perfectly.  They won’t last as long as pieces you invest more cash into, but you’ll achieve the same goal in the meantime.

*My personal recommendation is to buy quality made items at discount stores or when they’re on sale at high end stores.  Then, go to an alterations specialist or a great tailor you trust and get them custom fitted to your body.

#2.  SHOES

If your shoes lack style, are old & falling apart, or worse – dirty, I’m sorry but you automatically look cheap.  Invest in a great pair of go-to shoes.

Men – a great pair of classic loafers that go with jeans or slacks/suits are amazing and make sure to clean & take care of them.

Ladies – a pair of black or nude pair of pumps go with almost everything.  Invest in them and keep them clean, touch them up after a night out, and repair those heels!  I can’t tell you how embarassing it is for ME to walk next to or behind a girl and all you hear is Clink Clink Clink from her heels on the pavement.  Shoe Repair  places exist for this reason – spend the $8-15 bucks! Please! *The hardwood floor of the world will thank you also!!! 😉


Monotone silhouettes, dark colors, dark denim, and solids typically look more “put together” and expensive.  There are very many exceptions to this statement, but unless you’re great at spotting great prints or mixing prints & textures, it’s much safer to stay away until you’ve developed an eye for it.  Also, stick to bright colors on top and accessories, mixed with basic dark solids elsewhere.

*Huge tip when wearing all 1 color outfits – Please make sure the tone/texture of this color is either exactly the same, or is very different.  There’s nothing worse than when someone is wearing all black but each black is a shade off and is the same texture/fabrication.  A black silk blouse with a black cotton denim pant – sure!  All cotton tee with all cotton slack but different shades of black?  Fail.


Ahhhh, this sometimes makes me cringe.

Men – sorry, but you’re Not the chose ones to rock too many accessories.  I know, I sincerely apologize.  Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings (besides the wedding band), man-purses, scarves, etc. all can look tacky really fast.  Please take the minimalist approach here.  Less is More.All of these can look great, don’t get me wrong, but unless you know how to rock them and which to wear with which outfits, you’re probably seen as trying too hard to be “cool” and not portraying the classy man with style.

Ladies – same applies.  Think of a graceful rich classy woman – like Ivanka Trump for example.  Is she wearing huge hoop earrings with 10 sparkly necklaces, 20 bangles and a fluorescent spiked bag?  Most likely not.  Sure, there’s a time & a place.  I love a neon bag myself and rocking a mixed bangle set, but – this is about looking expensive.  Stick to classy, classic pieces and keep in mind that Less is More.  1 Statement necklace is enough.  Stud earrings are perfect.  A gorgeous bracelet sometimes completes the entire outfit without the extra unnecessary bling.  There’s no need to overdo it.