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My Story –

I’ve had a pretty interesting journey.  Growing up in a very religious family in Russia, moving to upstate NY as a 10 yr old, then to a little town in WA called Puyallup at 15 was all extremely character building, and I’ll share more about those experiences as I go.  The big WHY and how I kept realizing my talents and my purpose started introducing themselves as I was building my career in the home building industry.  I was asked to lead a team of people, all of whom were older than me and had more experience than me.  I never felt less qualified or more scared, but I knew that I had to give it my all.  I wanted to do the best job I could.  I’ve been told for years that I need to be more sensitive to people and be less robot-like.  My nickname with friends was “Ice Princess”!  This was a weakness of mine and I wanted to grow in that area.  This is where my thirst for information about human psychology and behavior started.  I went to a bookstore and discovered the sections of Management, Self Improvement, etc.  I had no idea that there were so many personality tests out there and that each person’s happiness could be affected by how they’re approached, and that money doesn’t motivate everyone – that recognition is worth more to some than a 10k bonus.  This was all news to me! I was addicted to learning all about people, and it was fascinating to me.  I was a reading machine and applied everything to my new management role. I led a team and we kicked butt!

The industry took a turn and it was time for layoffs. The machine we built wasn’t designed for flexibility, and it was falling apart.  I shortly after that took a position at an architectural firm, where I was again a manager – a change agent.  I am very logical and methodical and I love systems, but each system also requires the human element and having people buy into the big vision and getting them excited about the plan was the most thrilling and exhausting part of what I was doing.  No matter how challenging it was, I succeeded in every position I’ve held ever since.I’ve industry-hopped some more, working for myself as a small business consultant for a few years, as a makeup artist, event decorator, interior designer, and most recently in the fashion industry.

I’ve started a company called Alter Ego – and I help people change their lives for the better.  Everyone can be a little more confident, and little more polished, and I help make it simple and fun.  I love to apply simple solutions to everyday human problems – like how to look and feel amazing, how to organize, decorate and love the space you live in, and most importantly – how to be the Confident, Unstoppable best YOU that you’ve always wanted to be.  I want to help inspire as many people as I can to look within themselves and discover their passions, gifts and talents that only they posses and to share those with the world.  This life is meant to be an incredible thrilling journey!  Let’s live it up!!!