Since starting working with clients and coaching people on going after whatever they want in life and not letting things get in the way, I’m discovering that more and more people are in the same state as I once was – kind of confused about who they are.  Sure, you know yourself from an exterior view and you can describe your life experiences in detail from where you were born, to how you grew up, what you do for work, etc.  What I’m trying to get at is really knowing yourself and your unique personality.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  I think most of us grow up letting society, our environments, our friends determine a lot of our personality and we try so hard to be like them while working on the areas we suck at and try to enjoy the things that they all like convincing ourselves that it’s “fun”.

I started this journey of self-discovery at a fairly young age.  I grew up as a very curious kid, questioning everything people told me.  I’d sometimes ask questions that made adults uncomfortable and more than half the time get an annoyed reply telling me to go play with the other kids.  I had friends, went to school, started working and it wasn’t until I got promoted to a position where others relied on me to lead, did I even realize that not everyone was like me.  That there are people who love to chit-chat for 30 mins before their day, that a little walk at lunch is transforming to some, that acknowledging someone’s hard work at a meeting will pump them up more than a 10k bonus check would.  I discovered a book called “Do What You Are” as I was digging at a bookstore for management guide books and it literally changed my life.  I took this in depth personality test that pointed out all of my strengths, weaknesses, how I think, what motivates me, what environments I thrive in, all of that stuff was brand new.  After figuring out my own personality type and what made me click, I could easily identify the personality types of everyone on my team and it allowed me to be a million times better at being a “people person” and actually made my team so much more motivated and successful overall.  The book was based on the Myers Briggs test, but focused solely on careers.  After discovering this book and seeing how it helped me be successful at work, I was hooked.  I wanted to learn more and more about myself.

Below are some great tests – these were so accurate that it kinda creeped me out:

Overall Personality Test:


This Strengths Finder 2.0 test isn’t free, but is amazing and highly recommended:


5 Love Languages Test – helps identify which behavior you value most in relationships


Of course there’s the Attached Test.  I’ve told everyone I know about the Attachment Theory and the book that changed my life.  Highly highly recommended.

Here is an awesome blog post that Mark Manson wrote on the same topic:

Lastly, there’s a numerology test that’s incredibly informative and is spot on.  This goes through your strengths, weaknesses, personality traits, etc.  Really amazing test.