What if I told you that making the above pose actually makes you more confident and feel powerful??  Would you do it everyday?  Haha I know I have since learning about it!

We’ve heard it over and over, that confidence is the sexiest trait or feature that someone can possess. I must confess, I definitely agree with that.  When someone walks into a room and steals the show with the way they carry themselves – the grace, the attitude, the “it” factor, it’s a huge turn-on and it’s very difficult to ignore.  Similarly, when you see a very attractive person but they’re shy and quiet, they lose a little appeal in my eyes.


What about all of the people who aren’t born with it?  What can the shy, self-conscious men and women do in order to become more attractive, confident, and “steal the show”?

I’ve recently come across a few videos on YouTube that were pretty awesome and I just had to share!  The first one is a new guru that I started following – the genius behind Social Triggers, Derek Halpern.  He proves to us that Confidence really can be learned and “faked” until we actually become confident.  I’m seriously obsessed with his highly entertaining and amazingly informative videos.

Check out his video about Confidence:

The very brilliant Amy Cutty’s video from the Ted Talk is here:

I’m thrilled to have learned this and am definitely going to include these tips in my everyday life and hope you will too!  Knowledge is power ladies and gents!