You don’t drown by falling in the water.  You drown by staying there.

So, if you’re like me and recently made a big change in your life, you’ve probably hit a few roadblocks and it hasn’t been easy.  Whether it’s quitting your job and getting into a new position you want, getting laid off from your job and are finally looking for something you’re passionate about, or if you finally had enough with being un-fit/chubby or un-happy or Single, or have been stuck in a bad relationship even, and decided – that’s IT, I’m changing this!


I cheers you right now for having the balls and guts to get there!  That point where you no longer Tolerate that state, mindset, and settling for something less than you deserve – is Key.  Remember that moment, when you had enough and when you decided that it’s Time To Do Something About It!  You will need to recall that moment, as a motivator to you, for when the going gets tough and you start feeling overwhelmed or begin to question your decision.  That moment and the feeling you got when you said ENOUGH is Key to the Transformation.

I’ve personally have been at that point many times in my life.  I’ve been in relationships that were toxic and I needed to leave.  I put on a few extra pounds, ok more like 15 extra pounds and needed to get in shape.  I’ve been in positions at work where I was dying a little each day by being underutilized or disrespected.  Those moments when you say Enough is Enough, and your gut says you deserve so much more… are so strong and for me personally, make all the difference in the journey right after the decision.

My own personal goals right now are big ones, and yes, we all feel lazy or overwhelmed and just don’t feel like doing what we promised ourselves we would do.

  • It’s so much easier to sleep in and not go for a jog or gym.
  • It’s so much more fun to go out with your friends and be hung over for the weekend instead of working on the business you are starting.
  • It’s so much safer to remain at the unfulfilling job that pays you well or great, than to look for the career of your dreams or start that business you’ve been dying to start.
  • It’s much easier to remain in that relationship that’s ok, it’s tolerable.. but lacks passion, love, and support that you know you deserve and can find out there.
  • And it’s much easier to stay Single and watch TV by yourself or go hang out with your peeps instead of putting yourself together, and going out there – facing rejection and all, for the hope of finding your soul mate.

I get ALL of these – and relate to them all.  I’ve been there and done that!

The KEYS to successfully changing anything in your life are the following:

  1. REMEMBER YOUR WHY – Why did you reach the point in your life that forced you to strongly know you need a change?
  2. PICTURE THE GOAL – Think about and constantly remind yourself what the end result will feel like, after this goal is accomplished.
  3. PREPARE FOR WEAK MOMENTS – Why people fail the most, is that they don’t prepare for the crucial moments of weakness or laziness.  You must have a game plan for not only what changes you’re going to do to work towards your goal, but also how you’ll kick your own ass to get back into gear when the going gets tough.  ***This is KEY!
  4. USE TOUGH DAYS OR SMALL SET-BACKS AS TOOLS TO UPDATE THE PLAN – This is the final KEY to having a successful change of habit.  When something clearly doesn’t work or makes forming a new habit challenging, use it to go back to your plan and alter it.  If your new eating plan is difficult because your partner/roommate/co-workers are always eating junk food around, do something about it! Either Ask them to support your new goal, or make some other changes that will let you stay on track easier.

Remember, Change is SIMPLE… but it’s NOT Easy!

Hopefully this info is helpful, and I would love to hear about the changes you’ve decided to make recently and what successes or challenges you’ve had. Please share in the comments below!