Check Yo-self ladies and gents!

Are you guilty of these deadly mistakes that act as Buzz-Kill on the first few interactions with a new guy/girl??

1.  Lack of Manners – this should be a post on it’s own just because there are soo many things that go wrong here.  Basics:  open the door for her, let her walk in front, don’t text or take a call at dinner, don’t be rude to your date or the waitstaff.  We’ll do a separate lesson on this topic later.

2.  Bad Breath – Please go through the extra effort to prevent this from killing your date.  This is way more forgivable later on in the relationship than on date #1 or 2.  Don’t overlook this one.

3.  BO or Sweaty Armpits – This is sad that I have to even mention this, but I’ve come across this a few times recently and it is NEVER acceptable to draw attention to yourself because of the bad smell.  Just don’t let it happen.  Use the deodorant.  And if you’re really nervous or sweat a lot – look into using something like a product design for excessive sweating like Maxim.  It can be purchased on Amazon and works like magic!

4.  Hairy Situation – This one covers all kinds of body hair.  Check your brows, nose hair, ear hair, facial hair, neck hair, etc etc etc.  Tame that stuff! That goes for guys AND girls!