I pre-apologize for the amount of passion I feel when talking about this.

GENTLEMEN, listen up.  This will blow your mind.  The Reason you’re not going out on more dates and don’t have a girlfriend/wife is most likely because you SUCK at making plans. 😉

Brutal Honestly, gentlemen…  You can count on me for that.  I have a video coming up about Teaching you how to make plans, but here’s the recap version:

The following THREE items must be covered when asking a girl out/making plans with someone:


What are you asking her to go do?  It’s totally fine if it’s a surprise – we LOVE that, but please please please have an idea of what type of activity you’re asking us to.  Dinner, movie, coffee, walk – whatever.  You have to have a Plan.


You MUST suggest at LEAST 1 Day/Time when asking a girl out. “Hey, what are you doing this weekend?” or “We should grab a coffee next week” is NOT, I repeat is NOT asking a girl out.  Grow some balls, get it together, and be the confident gentleman she wants you to be.  Organize your thoughts, figure out where to take her, check your own schedule, then throw out a Day/Time.  Please do your homework before asking us out.  The following works great “Let’s grab a coffee tomorrow at 11am”.


We need to know the last details.  Please decide whether you’re picking us up, meeting us at the location, or if it’s a surprise date planned, tell us the necessary info about what to wear or bring.  Especially if it’s a mini-getaway or a road trip, or heck – a fancy dinner!  Make sure that we’re dressed activity-appropriate.  Don’t expect us to be mind-readers.  Please be thoughtful and ask yourself – what would she need in order for this to be the Best date she’s ever been on?  You’re the man – put in the effort.  The woman will not only appreciate it, respect you a million times, but mimic that type of behavior and get the relationship started on the right foot.  Be thoughtful and a gentleman, it will only pay off! I promise!!!