About Me

Hey guys, I'm Marina. The woman who dreamt up the concept of Alter Ego Seattle and the woman who's passionate about love, romance, and personal growth.

Growing up a very shy introvert (still very much an extreme introvert), I've had to learn how to cope with getting through life and achieving my goals with what I've been dealt.

I've had confidence issues, insecurities (what woman doesn't), failed relationships, and a whole lot of personal life experiences that have not only made me the woman I am today, but allow me to relate to almost anyone I come in contact with.

My mission isn't to help you get more numbers, get laid, or change you into a person you don't want to become.  The coaching I offer is solely focused on your own goals, and my role is to offer a different perspective and insight while providing a path full of tips and tricks that I've personally used to get to the result you want.

My Philosophy

I believe that we hold the key to our own success.

I believe that we can have whatever we want if we only get out of our own way and learn from others

I believe that our own belief systems (yes, I'm into that personal growth stuff) sometimes need to be challenged

I believe that confidence can be self-taught, and have a personal list of tried, tested, & proven techniques or "hacks" that I use myself and share with clients

I believe that how you look & veiw yourself completely affects how you feel, and how you feel, well, that dictates your life

I believe in love, romance, passion, and that having that special person in your life gives it so much more meaning and purpose

I believe that everyone is lovable and can find a partner who's incredible & worthy of them (online is an amazing place to start)

I believe that most people are single because their perception of reality is slightly skewed.  They're either too picky & disqualify great potential partners, or don't value themselves enough and end up dating losers or users.  (I help here with a little slap in the face and re-establishing of boundaries)

I believe that we all have a purpose, a reason why we're here and mine is to help as many people as possible achieve their goals and create the life of their dreams

I believe that we all have an image of our best self that we hold in our head and daydream about becoming

I also believe that we can become that person - your Alter Ego